Clarence Garcia

  1. meeplelicious said: Yo Clarence! I'm Poy from Cebu. I recently heard about you guys and your new album. I've been listening to post/mathrock music like toe and explosions. Then I saw you on Spotify! I've been listening to your songs especially dog years and track 2. I'm also this 'kind of a guitar player' and would like to do my own music but I do not know how or where to start. Can you give me tips on how you compose your tracks? Scales, modes, techniques, tuning and the likes. Nice youtube channel btw.

    Hello Poy!

    I’m not really sure where you should start and I’m not even convinced that our songwriting is the most effective way. For the band, I usually write the main chords and the overall flow then we jam it out together. The groove and the melody are already established when I write but once we jam together it would be very different from what I initially expected it to be. I don’t know if you want to form a band or just jam out with your computer (hey, I do that all the time!!!). Those are two different things. Sometimes it’s more fun to play music with other people and sometimes you just want an idea/melody for yourself to work on to.

    The way it works for me, I hum out a small melody then record it on my phone. Once I’m with my guitar, I try to find the notes for it and then play over it while humming.

    We haven’t fully experimented with tuning, all but three tracks are in standard tuning, though we mostly play with a capo. Capo is our lifesaver! A whole song would sound sooooooo different (can’t stress this enough) when you transpose it a few steps up or down. A capo adds flexibility to our sound and it preserves the voicings we prefer. The acoustic tracks we recorded were DADF#AE, and HAIYAN had one guitar at EAEGBE just so I could play it easier.

    For chords, I suggest you take a look at extended range chords. Though we don’t play metal, this video really made me look differently at chords:¬† Having those chord voicings make up for the lack of vocals. That lesson is a real eye opener for me.

    Sorry for the long post! I hope I covered up everything and I hope to hear your music soon!

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